Fine Dining Up In the Clouds

Hyderabad’s Hi-tech City is the business centre of the city and one would assume it to be monotonous and a corporate-jungle but in reality, it’s far from that, thanks to Cloud Dining!
Let’s start with Cloud Dining itself, a one-of-its-kind unique experience where the guests are hoisted 160 feet above the ground and can enjoy a 3 or 5-course multi-cuisine menu! How exciting is that?
Then comes The Cloud Dining, a quaint restaurant with an elaborate continental menu and the perfect vibe for a relaxed lunch or dinner!, perfect for intimate celebrations or to spend time with loved ones! with an exclusive menu, perfect for large dinner parties or celebrations!
We’ve a restaurant perfect for people of all ages! So Hyderabad, take your pick!

The World On Your Plate!

The perfect place to make your day very special and memorable

Take your event to the next level

Incredible View

The incredible feeling of freedom without boundaries and
the breath taking view of Hyderabad’s matchless sky line are experiences you will never forget in your life!

Culinary Excellence

Our professional team consisting of a top chef with his service staff will prepare gourmet dishes and
serve them to you from the table center in an exclusive ambience.

Exclusive Menu

Enjoy an exclusive multi-course menu prepared by genuine experts. The Cloud Dining is a first class V.I.P. / hospitality experience geared towards any special event where ordinary doesn’t make the cut.

Extraordinary Opportunity

An extraordinary opportunity for you to inspire and impress your guests in the course of individual events. The amazing principle is unique in the world and will guarantee lasting memories for all participants.

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