Exclusivity and Safety

The CLOUD DINING is certified by competent safety authorities. Platforms are regularly checked and maintained. Every aspect of the concept, from the seat belts to the type of crane used, has been scrutinized and carefully considered to ensure maximum safety for our clients and employees.

While seated guests wear safety belts, standing presenter and crew are secured by safety harnesses all the time during the flight. A safety supervisor will brief clients about all safety regulations prior to the flight and will be in constant communication with crane operator and ground crew so that he has a complete picture of the situation during the operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many People Can Sit Around The Table?

On Cloud Dining Sky table can sit a maximum of 26 people per session.

How Long Does Each Experience Last?

The dining experience in the clouds will take approximately 75 minutes as follow, 15 minutes for seating guests, 45 minutes for flight duration and 15 minutes for unseating guests. Guests are to register at the Lounge at least 30 minutes before the time of the session. Failure to reach on time will deem your admission as forfeited with no refunds given.

What Happens If It Rains BEFORE The Experience Takes Place?

The organizers has the rights to delay the experience/ flight of the table (at the organizers’ discretion but with a maximum delay of 90 minutes) to wait for the rain to stop. If the rain still does not stop during or after this time, the dinner experience will be cancelled or reschedule and refund policy will be as followed. A voucher with the same value will be issued to be used at the current event duration.

What If I Have To Use The Restroom?

All guests are recommended to use the restroom prior to taking their seats. However if there is an emergency and you need to use the restroom during your flight, the platform table will be lowered, but you will not be able to continue the flight session.

Is The Experience Safe?

Yes it is.The Cloud Dining is certified by competent safety authorities.

How High Does The Table Go?

The table can go up to a maximum of 160 feet. However, the actual height of the table during the experience it is at the organizer’s discretion, based on wind conditions.

What Happens If I Don’t Turn Up? Can I Get A Refund?

Kindly note that once a seat purchase has been made, strictly no refund will be given, unless the experience is cancelled by the organizer themselves, for reasons such as bad weather etc. The table will take off as per schedule.

Is The Seat Transferable?

Seats purchased cannot be transferable to another person. Consideration for transfer will however be given if you can provide evidence of double purchase. A written request to transfer will have to be submitted to the organizer via email: [email protected] at least 24 hours before the affected session. The organizer will evaluate the request and reserves the right to make all final decisions on this.

What If My Session Is Cancelled?

The experience will only be cancelled if there are major occurrences such as natural disasters, bad weather, etc. In such cases, a voucher with the same value will be issued to the people to be used within the current event duration.

Why Shall I Reach 60 Minutes Prior The Session?

Once you reach on your time (60 minutes prior the session) there will be a waiting lounge with a welcoming drinks waiting for you, the customers will be signing a at the reception, and will have a safety briefing prior the session.

who can experiance this?

Anyone over the age of 13 with a minimum height of 143cm and a maximum weight of 150kg. For the guests under the age of 18, the presence and signature of a parent/legal guardian will be required for the indemnity form. Pregnant women are not allowed to experience CloudDining. Guests must be in good health and free form, but not limited to heart conditions, back issue, neck issue, fractured bones, recent surgery and hypertension.

Is Smoking & alcohol Allowed?

The Cloud Dining Hyderabad is a non- smoking/alcoholic event for safety reasons.

Is There Any Dress Code?

The Cloud Dining Hyderabad is a breathtaking life experience, your clothing at that time should be at the least you worry about. As a result, you should get dressed comfortably and warm during cold & breezy nights.

Can I Change My Food Menu?

We have a standard menu with different options for the main course. However you can only change the menu if you book is for large groups ( Minimum 26 guests).

Can I Bring My Own Food And/Or Drinks?

We strictly prohibit outside food or drinks to be brought into the event area.

Can Someone With A Disability Experience Cloud Dining?

Experience is possible for wheelchair users and people with mild disabilities, BUT please write to us in advance BEFORE purchasing your seat with a detailed explanation on your condition for our safety officer to evaluate and advise accordingly.